Palestine Wedding Florist

The Flower Shop is Palestine’s preferred wedding floristry. We specialize in creating gorgeous custom arrangements for weddings and engagement parties. Our floral designers are passionate about perfecting your ceremony and helping you create beautiful memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. The Flower Shop Palestine is a full-service wedding flower boutique that provides hand-made floral decorations so you can adorn your wedding venue. We craft unique pieces for each ceremony and offer same-day delivery. Our florists pride themselves on their excellent communication, ability to work with any budget, and desire to exceed expectations.

Our Wedding Flower Philosophy

Vibrant. Unique. Lush. Tasteful. Elegant. Your wedding flowers need to tick a lot of boxes to properly highlight your wedding day in the way you deserve. Fortunately, our local flowers are gorgeous and perfectly curated, so you only get the finest flowers in the garden. When you shop with The Flower Shop Palestine, you’ll get dazzling arrangements that will delight your guests and look gorgeous in your wedding photos. 

Brides love our custom floral arrangements because we provide so much more than just flowers. We provide an experience and a service that can set off a wedding no matter where it’s held. 

We are here for you.

Everything we do is for our customers. We can provide custom floral arrangements in any form you desire, whether that’s a bouquet, garlands, centerpieces, arches, or anything else. Our flowers will bring an artful and luxurious look to your wedding ceremony no matter what arrangement you choose. 

We are fun.

There’s excitement both in tradition and breaking the status quo. Regardless of which category you fall under, we want to help make your dreams come true. We’ll experiment with different colors, flowers, and decorations to make you a one-of-a-kind floral arrangement. Our beautiful wedding flowers flawlessly balance color, texture, and design so all of your floral decorations will stand out.

We are lovers.

As wedding florists, we think it’s only right that we love, well love. That’s why we take extreme care to nail the tiniest details and help you pull off the perfect wedding celebration and honor your love. 

Popular Wedding Flowers

Picking out the perfect flowers for your wedding can be a difficult task. After all, there are just so many options! Fortunately, our wedding florists can craft gorgeous floral arrangements with minimal guidance. However, if you want to play a more active role, check out some of our favorite options for wedding bouquets that have bundles of meaning. 


This beautiful option comes in various colors and each shade sends a unique message. Red flowers say love, beauty, and romance. Meanwhile, sweet red rosebuds symbolize friendship, purity, and joy. If that’s not the message you wish to send, consider another rose color with a completely unique meaning.


These gorgeous flowers are perfect for spring weddings in Texas. They pair beautifully with several other spring blooms and compliment ivory, light pink, peach, and lavender color schemes. We recommend these flowers to couples who want to bring a bit of magic to their outdoor wedding ceremony.


These are luxurious and dazzling flowers that will add flair to any ceremony. Peonies come in a lot of different colors, so you can pick and choose flowers to fit the ambiance. These fragrant blooms symbolize love, romance, and happiness.

These are just a few options of flowers that stand out at Texas weddings. If these aren’t right for you, talk to one of The Flower Shop’s Florists, and we can help you find the perfect flowers for your wedding ceremony.

Order Wedding Flowers in Palestine, Texas

The Flower Shop Palestine has all of the flowers you need from the time your finacée drops down on one knee and utters the words “will you?” to the day when you sashay up the wedding aisle and say “I do” in front of all of your friends and family. We can’t wait to hear from you and we’re endlessly excited to help make your special day a little more vibrant.